Brighter Futures Inc. - Dedicated To Keeping Families Together
● To raise the level of emotional well-being of each patient and family through consistent high quality, comprehensive care provided by the highly trained, experienced staff of In-Home Counselors.
● To protect the integrity of the patient and family.
● To meet the patients emotional needs, be they developmental, psychiatric, medical or psychosocial.
● To develop a program that helps the patient to meet desired social, educational and environmental needs for personal growth and satisfaction.
● To provide a structure for appropriate family involvement in each overall treatment plan and encourage family participation.
● To include realistic discharge planning to maximize the successful reintegration of the patient into family, social and school environments.
Brighter Futures Inc. will achieve the aforementioned Principles and Goals through our commitment to the following:
● Identifying the patients biological, psychological, and social needs.
● Helping patients meet identified needs through personalized and specific treatment plans.
● Develop achievable and appropriate Treatment Plan goals and shared responsibility for progress toward those goals.
● Reviewing and revising Treatment Plans as a patients need changes.
● Achieving an attitude of openness, interest, and willingness to establish a strong therapeutic relationships between In-Home Counselor, Patient and family Members.
● Reviewing the effectiveness of patient treatment outcomes through Quality Assurance activities.
● Encouragement of active family participation in patient counseling, pre-discharge and discharge planning
● Helping the patient and family during and after transition and/or reintegration back into family, community and school environments.
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