Brighter Futures Inc. - Dedicated To Keeping Families Together
Brighter Futures Inc. and staff goals are to significantly decrease or terminate the negative symptomatology of seriously emotionally disturbed or mentally challenged patients and to assist the patient’s family to understand, adapt and learn skills for increasing family stability and reshaping previous unhealthy family interaction processes. The primary focus of Intensive In-Home Counseling Services will be aimed at children and adolescents at risk for removal from the home; or to help integrate children and adolescents, previously removed, back into the mainstream family life.
During participation in treatment, a family will be involved in and participate in many different therapeutic activities, each of which is an important component of the treatment environment.
The In-Home Counseling program provides intensive counseling services to children, adolescents, and their families for the purpose of early intervention and avoiding out-of-home placements. Common issues addressed include:
- Anger Management - Anxiety and Depression
- Alcohol and Drug Abuse
- Child Discipline Techniques
- Couples Conflicts
- Delinquent behaviors such as violence, gang activity, etc.
- Grief and Loss
- Improving School Attendance - Parent/Child Conflicts
We believe that families have the ability to grow and overcome difficulties. Therefore, we recognize and use the family’s existing strengths and resources by involving the family as a partner in the decision-making and goal-setting process.
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