It is normal for couples to have misunderstandings from time to time. It helps them understand each other and make compromise. However, when they realize that they cannot find the resolution on their own, they may need the help of a couple’s counselor to promote active communication where they can express themselves and listen to each other. Counselors serve as mediators who can steer the conversation with questions that cover important points. While we are here to help, we also need their commitment in participating in sessions so they can receive the holistic assistance that they need to resolve their issues.

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The mission of BRIGHTER FUTURES INC is dedicated to enhancing family strengths and resources through direct family involvement that preserves the dignity of all families within their community.

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Licensed by Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. Member of VA State Human Rights. All Counselors and Licensed QMHP-C, Minimum Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services Field. CPR/First Aid Certification, De-escalation Training, TB Tested, State and Federal Background Checks, DMV Record Checked and Insurance remain Current. Weekly Clinical Supervisions.